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Relaxing Chair Massage

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This massage is the ideal way of reaching people at public events and in the workplace. The techniques are mainly derived from Swedish Massage. The massage is done without oils so that the recipient doesn't need to remove their clothing.
  • Performed through clothing on a specially designed chair
  • Either a brief 15 minute massage or a more extensive 30 minutes
  • The focus is on relaxing the muscles of the back, neck, head, shoulders, arms and mobilising the shoulders
Relax and dream of a tropical island As well as easing tension but unlike other types of massages, this treatment leaves the client feeling fully revitalised with improved clarity of thought.

Benefits to the Individual:
  • Promotes a sense of well being
  • Encourages a state of alert relaxation
  • Unravels tense aching muscles
  • Lowers the pulse and blood pressure
  • Balances the nervous system
  • If used regularly can prevent minor ailments
  • Is an immediate stress-buster
Benefits to Employer:
  • A revitalised and healthier workforce
  • Increased productivity, concentration and morale
  • Practical, cost effective stress management with immediate results
  • Minimum disruption to the working day
Many forward thinking employers now recognise the importance of reducing stress in the workplace. The advantage of bringing massage into the workplace is that employees do not have to do anything but simply turn up at the appointed time, sit back and enjoy the treatment.

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